Fan Courier is a local courier service company, which like any other company in the field, encounters all sorts of unusual situations in their day to day activity, situations that inevitably lead to delivery delays.

And, because people aren’t usually familiarised with the day to day hassle a courier has to deal with, Fan Courier teamed up with Marks, a romanian advertising agency, and thought up the campaign “An Ordinary Day”, in which they talk about the types of situations they most often encounter. I worked on five illustrations for this campaign, all ending up being used on billboards all over the country.

Day 1

A package with personality – day 1 is the true story of the people who apparently thought it was a good idea to send a rabbit by post.

Day 2

Back to School – this one is about the inevitable chaos that goes on when armies of children are loose on the street on their first days of school.

Day 3

The Broken Elevator – day 3 is about all those times in which even the most weakling of couriers had to carry a fridge to the top floor because the elevator wasn’t working.

Day 4

The Neighbourhood Race – Bucharest has quite a bunch of stray dogs and couriers have often been engaged in olympics worthy races in their day to day deliveries.

Day 5

The Road to the Mountains – day 5 is about all those moments you were stuck in an endless line of cars, heading to the mountains for a skiing trip. So was the courier, only he was on the job, poor sap.