This illustration set was done for a campaign commissioned by Next Advertising Romania for DSV, a transport company.

The campaign focused on 6 outstanding shipping jobs the company has made happen in the past, and twisted them into charming success stories.


This one is about how DSV transports pet food, both in large shipments and in small personal ones, in areas without car access.


This one is about how DSV succesfully transported 10.000 solar panels, products that are extremely sensitive and expensive.


This one is about how DSV is the first company to create a low level oxygen storehouse for chocolate to prevent fires from happening, because apparently, in large quantities, cocoa can catch fire extremely easily.



This one is about how DSV coordonates car part shipments from all over the world, for their auto industry clients.


This one is about how DSV transformes part of their warehouses into huge dressings for their retail clients. They organize thousands of clothes by size and colour and make sure that each shipment reaches the stores in time.



This one is about how DSV transported Bam Bam the leopard accross the ocean, from Denmark to California, offering him the most comfortable flight a leopard could have.


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